Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about the PL8TD app. If you don't see your question, feel free to contact us.


PL8TD is an iOS app that enables you to quickly rate the driving habits of other drivers, track your own ratings, and follow plates. You get rewarded with Credits for rating plates that can be redeemed for unlocking detailed plate information and history.
We are evaluating the possibility of bringing PL8TD to the Google Play Store for Android users. The success of the iOS version will help us in making the final decision, but we definitely want to!
You are currently able to login to PL8TD using your Facebook or Google Account. In the future we may offer the option to make your own account specifically for PL8TD.
PL8TD will prompt you on your initial login if you want to allow location services. This is used when rating a plate to capture the location where the rating was made. You are free to disallow the service and continue using PL8TD with no change in your experience, however we recommend keeping it enabled.
Yes, simply go the Settings screen and under 'Options' locate and select "Opening Screen" and choose which screen you would like to be taken to when first opening PL8TD. PL8TD also has 3D touch quick actions for both rating and following plates.
If you are within the United States, PL8TD will attempt to set to the default location to your state upon initial login. If you would like to change that location, or if you reside outside the United States (Canada or Mexico), go to the Settings screen, and under 'Options' locate and select your preferred default country and locale.


PL8TD is designed to allow you to rate any license plate issued by your state, province, or territory for a private citizen. While any license plate number can be entered into PL8TD, non-citizen issued plate numbers may have different rules governing their issuance and could overlap with other plate numbers.

You only need 3 pieces of information to make a rating:

  • License plate number
  • License plate locality
  • Vehicle classification

After entering this information you can proceed to selecting a rating.

There are currently 12 unique rating categories that a user can choose from:

  • No Turn Signal
  • Distracted
  • Fast
  • Unsafe Merge
  • Failure to Yield
  • Disobeyed Traffic Control Device (TCD)
  • Slow
  • Bad Parking
  • Tailgating
  • Line Crossing
  • Lights Off
  • Courteous
Based on user feedback and analysis of the current use of the different rating categories, we may remove or add certain rating categories in future releases. We encourage you to contact us with any suggestions you may have.
Certain locales issue plates containing vertical characters as part of their license plate numbering pattern. In such cases, you would enter the characters following the rules of left to right, top to bottom.
As there is no category for personal trailers, those plates should not be rated. Instead, the license plate associated with the vehicle that is towing the trailer should receive the rating instead.
Every 30 ratings will earn you one Credit that can be used for unlocking detailed plate information or using the power rating feature.
Press and hold on the plate on the Given screen and then select "Unrate". Keep in mind that removing a rating will increase the ratings needed for your next Credit by one.
You may only rate a specific plate once. However, you are able to remove a rating for a plate which enables you to re-rate the plate again.
No, there is no identifiable information included in a rating that would inform someone of your rating choice.
There is a 30 second time-out between ratings. This number may change as we fine tune the app and gather feedback from users.
You can report ratings by going to the Detailed Plate Information screen, pressing and holding on the rating, and then selecting "Report". Please select the most appropriate reporting option for your situation.
There sure is! When you make a rating, you can press and hold on the state/province/region and you will be prompted if you want to pin the locale. This will add it to the top of your list for easier selection in the future.


When you unlock a plate, you are able to view both a graph showing the weighted score of the plate over time and a time line containing the specific ratings users made for that plate along with the location the ratings were made.
Yes, any plate that you unlock will remain so as long as you have an active account.
No, you are still able to see basic plate information, including the plate score, positive and negative rating counts, and amount of followers. You will also still be notified when a plate you follow receives a rating, whether the plate is unlocked or not.
No, once a plate is unlocked it remains unlocked to you from that point forward, regardless of if you continue following it or not.
Go the Settings screen and under 'Options' locate and select "Restore Followed Plates". Choose the plate you wish to re-follow and it will be re-added to your Followed screen.
You can report ratings by going to the Detailed Plate Information screen, pressing and holding on the rating, and then selecting "Report". Please select the most appropriate reporting option for your situation.


There is no limit to how many plates you can follow. We encourage you to follow those of your friends and family to stay up-to-date on any of their received ratings.
Press and hold on the plate on the Followed screen and then select "Unfollow".
Yes, the number of followers will be displayed in the top left corner of the Detailed Plate Information screen.
Sure! Just press and hold on the plate on the Followed screen and then select "Rename".
Yes, you can pin plates so that they will always appear at the top of your followed plates list on the Followed screen. Press and hold on the plate and select "Pin" to do this. If you wish to un-pin a plate, follow the same steps and select "Unpin".