Helping you drive better.

PL8TD enables you to quickly rate the driving habits of other drivers, follow plates, and stay notified of new ratings. Get rewarded with Credits for rating plates that can be redeemed for unlocking detailed plate information and rating history.

Rate Drivers

Ever wish you had a way to let other drivers know how you feel about their driving or parking habits? Well, wish no more!

You only need 3 pieces of information to make a rating:

  • License plate number
  • License plate locality
  • Vehicle classification

Choose from 12 unique rating categories that best fit the situation.

Use the optional power rating feature to help increase the effectiveness of your rating.

Follow Plates

Wondering what ratings your friends, family, or that person that cut you off are receiving from other PL8TD users? Follow their plate(s) and find out!

Following a plate allows you to view the:

  • Plate score
  • Follower count
  • Ratings history
  • Ratings locations

Assign unique nicknames and pin plates to help them stand out.

Stay up-to-date by receiving a new notification every time a plate receives a rating.

Report suspicious ratings with an easy to use reporting system.

Unlock Detailed Ratings

Want a more in-depth look at a plate? Unlock it!

All followed plates come with an optional unlock feature giving you access to:

  • Rating locations
  • Rating categories
  • Rating graph and timeline
  • Rating reporting feature

The rating graph allows for quick and intuitive access to view different time ranges and their corresponding ratings.

Received Ratings

Quickly get an overview of all recent ratings received for your followed plates!

Each rating gives you a quick overview on the:

  • Plate number
  • Plate nickname
  • Rating date
  • Rating value

Power ratings will be prominently displayed with a special colored symbol besides the plate number.

Selecting a received rating will take you to the plate information screen for a closer look.


Don't want to spend money to unlock plates or use Power Ratings? That's where Credits come in!

Every new user starts with one Credit to use as they see fit.

Every 30 ratings earns you one additional Credit which will be added to your Credit balance.

Once Credits are spent, you can't get them back, so spend them wisely!

Hmmm, I want to know more...

Check out the FAQ for more information on all the features mentioned above plus questions and answers to help you get the most out of the PL8TD app.

Have a suggestion or feedback? Contact us!

Version 2 just released!

New UI, Facebook login, rating locations, reporting, and more.